Love’s got this.

May 10, 2020

“I just want to love the world. “

When I woke up this morning I could feel the heaviness and constriction of fear. But I did not want to feel fear. 

I wanted to feel love. 

I know that fear comes from my over active head. 

Love is felt through the heart.

So as I lied in bed, I  brought my attention to my heart.

It was so simple

It is almost silly. 

I brought my attention to my heart.

And I felt love. 

I felt so much love that it seemed like it was beaming out from inside me. 

Fear was gone.  

I decided to keep feeling that love, 

And to keep radiating it out to the world. 

I started with Brad.

And then the spider in my bathroom.

And my cup of tea and tea spoon. 

As I watered my garden I loved the dirt. 

And talked to the vegetables that are trying to make their way in the world.

I looked over to the empty horse and goat paddocks, and chicken coop.

I beamed love there too.

Knowing that soon there will be animals enjoying the fields.

And as I made my favorite cup of coffee.

I loved it more than I ever have. 

I loved the dust that settled on my computer

I loved the technology that keeps me connected to my family and friends.

I loved the people that seem to have such vastly different experiences of life than I do, even if my ego does not agree.  

I love them, because at the core they are love.

And I loved my ego, telling it gently, that, for today at least, it can take the day off. 

“I’ve got this.” Love said. “I  got this.” 

And actually it always does.

Love doesn’t go anywhere.

Love is who I am. 

Love is who you are.

Love has me feeling connected to you and all things, even when we are not near.

Love does not see our differences. 

Love sees our similarities.

Love opens up possibilities that I can’t even imagine when I am listening to fear.

Love always knows what to do. 

I just have to tell fear, “Love’s got this”. 

And it always does.