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Labyrinth Insight Sessions.  

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that combines the circle, which relates to wholeness, and the spiral, which represents journey and change, into a purposeful path.

Walking the labyrinth can serve as a journey to our own center, and then back out into the world again; and offer insights, clarity, serenity, and peace, as well as a sense of connection, resilience and wholeness. 

Labyrinth proponents claim walking a labyrinth can lead to stress reduction, greater presence, clarity and creativity; deeper relationships, a stronger sense of community, a feeling of being on a spiritual journey, a sense of inner reflection and connection to sources of guidance. 

Standing at the entryway to the path can be like standing at a threshold; by giving yourself an opportunity to listen as you embrace a question for yourself to explore deeper; and to let the path and nature support you in discovering the answer. 

If you are wishing to create something new in your life, or just interested in seeing something with fresh eyes, guided Labyrinth Insight Sessions are available by scheduling here.

We are currently offering these sessions at a sliding scale of $40 – $75 for a 75 minute session. Payments can be made for a guided Labyrinth Insight Session here.

Once we’ve received your payment, we will confirm your requested time and send you further details for your session. 

If you would like to visit the labyrinth at Oak Lea Ranch for an unguided walk, you can schedule your unguided labyrinth visit here. The cost is $25 for you (plus up to 3 friends  to enjoy the labyrinth and the beauty of nature under the majestic oaks for 45 minutes. Once we receive your payment, we will confirm your requested time and send you further details.

How to walk the labyrinth:

Standing at the entryway, start by getting present: Noticing: What is in me? What is in the environment around me?

Bring to mind a particular question to contemplate for the walk to the center, hold it lightly. As you walk, feel free to pause along the path. Stay in the center for as long as you would like,  and return the same path out, integrating what you noticed.

If you do not have a specific question, you might want to ask for guidance: “I am open to receiving guidance about… ”.

Whether you walk the labyrinth for stress reduction, problem solving or spiritual transformation there is no right way and no wrong way to journey on this path. 

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“When Brad is facilitating with the horses, he is in his element: calm, confident, curious. He is fully present, and trusts that people will get what they need.  He is not efforting and is a strong yet gentle guide. I have seen so many people walk away from conversations with him as if they have let go of a huge weight they were carrying around for much too long. It is really quite beautiful.” 

~ Julie

“Julie is an articulate, powerful coach, who excels at hearing the quiet voice of wisdom underneath the story that people tell about their lives.  Her kind and curious nature allows her clients to dive deep while she holds an impactful, non-judgemental space for them. She has this amazing ability to help folks see the bigger picture, get out of their own way, take the next step, and move forward.”

~ Brad


“Brad Gallup is a top notch and superior professional at Save A Warrior, “SAW”. He makes everyone feel honored and safe in doing our work. His knowledge of the need to address, his capacity to process, mourn and grieve multigenerational trauma is unparalleled in this space of healing. Despite the gravity of “SAW’s” work, Brad ensures we also have fun, while always ensuring everyone’s safe in the training environment. He is fully competent and brings an unparalleled integrity and character to our work. Brad is clearly one of the best as what he does. A true healing experience for all involved.”

~ Ronald “Jake” Clark, Founder Save A Warrior


“I love working with Julie! I feel clear and calm after talking to her. Julie gives more than just tools for life – she introduces a subtle but profound way of thinking that has cleared my anxiety, lightened the load of personal thought, and disarmed my internal storms. This is work that sticks. It is truly transformative!”

~ Becca Dean, Bandaloop Dancer

“Brad Gallup is an honest, grounded and compassionate coach. He is masterful at creating a sacred, respectful space for his clients and listens deeply without judgment. He draws from years of experience as a warrior. Through his dedication to leadership development and empowerment, he knows when to allow space and time, and when to invite his clients into forward motion with new perspectives and action. I highly recommend Brad Gallup.”

~ Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, Founder SkyHorse Equine Guided Coaching


Julie has an intuitive sense on how to push me to see the barriers in my life and gives me concrete tools to realize how I want to live. The ways that I have transformed and made important changes in my life regarding my career, relationships and awareness of myself wouldn’t have happened without her guidance (or with such grace). Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!”

~ Serian Strauss


“I’ve been a professional Firefighter/ Paramedic for 18 years. After an on the job injury and a bad divorce I found myself extremely suicidal. My alcoholism was at an all time high and my life was unmanageable. Equine Therapy has been an essential part of my journey of healing. Brad Gallup facilitated my time spent with these spiritual, beautiful animals. I can hardly put into words my experience in the round pen with the horse while facilitated by Brad. His wisdom far exceeded any expectations I had and helped me process and grieve trauma. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me which is a direct result for the life I have today.”

~ Matt Fiorenza, Firefighter/Paramedic, Anaheim CA


“Julie has been my co-pilot on some of the major philosophical discussions of the last few years and a key player in my ‘great awakening’ of 2018. Julie is an amazing life coach and has been a defining figure in my human journey. Our meetings go too fast, but they always leave me in a place of deep gratitude, wonder, and learning.”

~ Jeff Tang, Clif Bar