A Premiere Equine Guided & Transformational Retreat Center

Have you ever wondered… 

what it would be like to stand in a pen, and look eye-to-eye with a 1200 pound horse? Would you feel safe? Could you trust? Could you settle enough to experience the powerful depth of connection, curiosity, freedom, and love that you have been longing for? 

We use horses as way to access transformational experiences that open us to all that life has to offer.


What’s on Offer

Horses offer us a direct experience with the present moment. They help us access curiosity, connection, love and understanding, which is actually our true nature. When we tap into this, we discover more clarity, compassion, and an infinite potential for possibilities.

We love watching clients drop into their hearts and let go of their stories that no longer serve them. At Oak Lea Ranch, we create a safe place where people can allow their armor to fall away as they begin to understand that vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness. We enjoy helping folks see there is a part of them that is whole, perfect, and meant to thrive.

Oak Lea Ranch is a community sanctuary. People come to engage in the work, whether its a retreat, working on the ranch with us, or enjoying the animals and gardens. People want to visit because of the beauty of the oaks and the land, the experience of just being here.

We often include horses in our coaching at Oak Lea Ranch to help guide clients to new possibilities. We offer one-on-one coaching; private multi-day intensives, small group retreats, and customized programs for your team.


Julie & Brad

In our very first conversation we were immediately intrigued that despite how different our lives actually were, we shared surprising parallels in our coaching and education. We both felt a spark for the potential of what we could do together, what we could create, and how we could contribute to the world together. It was so much bigger than the two of us.

Brad served 21 years in the military, in 2 different branches: 4 years as an enlisted Marine, and 17 years as an Officer in the Air Force. When Brad first experienced the equine work, it changed everything in his life. He started to heal his own wounds from military service. And through his own journey he discovered his gift for helping others. 

Before Julie became a coach, she spent 15 years as a bodyworker. People used to say that they went to see her for massage, and left with more clarity and courage. The common thread in all of Julie’s experience and work, whether it be as a Leadership Embodiment facilitator, Integral or Transformative Coach, or bodyworker is really that she helps people access their authentic leadership presence bringing together mind, body, heart, and wisdom.

We are well qualified to guide you. Between the two of us we have 6 coaching certifications, 40+ years combined experience in facilitating small to large groups in everything from Grief and Loss, Leadership, Men’s and Women’s issues, and Nonverbal Communication. We both have backgrounds in meditation & mindfulness, and now spend as much time as we can in nature and with animals.

Having each other in our lives has changed both of us in ways that we could never have imagined, or thought was possible. We have both taken huge risks in life when we know what is true for us – it is what brought us together.

We hope that through our own journeys, we create a warm and inviting center for anyone to come.

 To learn more about our individual offerings visit juliestuart.com and bradgallup.com.

“When Brad is facilitating with the horses, he is in his element: calm, confident, curious. He is fully present, and trusts that people will get what they need.  He is not efforting and is a strong yet gentle guide. I have seen so many people walk away from conversations with him as if they have let go of a huge weight they were carrying around for much too long. It is really quite beautiful.” 

~ Julie

“Julie is an articulate, powerful coach, who excels at hearing the quiet voice of wisdom underneath the story that people tell about their lives.  Her kind and curious nature allows her clients to dive deep while she holds an impactful, non-judgemental space for them. She has this amazing ability to help folks see the bigger picture, get out of their own way, take the next step, and move forward.”

~ Brad


“Brad Gallup is a top notch and superior professional at Save A Warrior, “SAW”. He makes everyone feel honored and safe in doing our work. His knowledge of the need to address, his capacity to process, mourn and grieve multigenerational trauma is unparalleled in this space of healing. Despite the gravity of “SAW’s” work, Brad ensures we also have fun, while always ensuring everyone’s safe in the training environment. He is fully competent and brings an unparalleled integrity and character to our work. Brad is clearly one of the best as what he does. A true healing experience for all involved.”

~ Ronald “Jake” Clark, Founder Save A Warrior


“I love working with Julie! I feel clear and calm after talking to her. Julie gives more than just tools for life – she introduces a subtle but profound way of thinking that has cleared my anxiety, lightened the load of personal thought, and disarmed my internal storms. This is work that sticks. It is truly transformative!”

~ Becca Dean, Bandaloop Dancer

“Brad Gallup is an honest, grounded and compassionate coach. He is masterful at creating a sacred, respectful space for his clients and listens deeply without judgment. He draws from years of experience as a warrior. Through his dedication to leadership development and empowerment, he knows when to allow space and time, and when to invite his clients into forward motion with new perspectives and action. I highly recommend Brad Gallup.”

~ Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, Founder SkyHorse Equine Guided Coaching


Julie has an intuitive sense on how to push me to see the barriers in my life and gives me concrete tools to realize how I want to live. The ways that I have transformed and made important changes in my life regarding my career, relationships and awareness of myself wouldn’t have happened without her guidance (or with such grace). Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!”

~ Serian Strauss


“I’ve been a professional Firefighter/ Paramedic for 18 years. After an on the job injury and a bad divorce I found myself extremely suicidal. My alcoholism was at an all time high and my life was unmanageable. Equine Therapy has been an essential part of my journey of healing. Brad Gallup facilitated my time spent with these spiritual, beautiful animals. I can hardly put into words my experience in the round pen with the horse while facilitated by Brad. His wisdom far exceeded any expectations I had and helped me process and grieve trauma. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me which is a direct result for the life I have today.”

~ Matt Fiorenza, Firefighter/Paramedic, Anaheim CA


“Julie has been my co-pilot on some of the major philosophical discussions of the last few years and a key player in my ‘great awakening’ of 2018. Julie is an amazing life coach and has been a defining figure in my human journey. Our meetings go too fast, but they always leave me in a place of deep gratitude, wonder, and learning.”

~ Jeff Tang, Clif Bar




Warrior Meditation: Virtual Weekly Drop in. Free

Warrior Meditation is a patented practice that is used by the Save A Warrior (SAW) Community that is simple, and easy to practice twenty minutes, twice a day. 

This meditation program has been designed to work with folks dealing with stress, lack of focus, sleep issues, to include helping with trauma, moral injury and complex Post Traumatic Stress.

Offered by Retired Major Brad Gallup.

Details Here 

Insight Sessions: Virtual. Free. 

Sometimes we all just need a place to be heard, and listen to the wisdom within our selves.

One of the most generous things anyone has ever done for me was just to listen and hold space for me to talk freely, without judgment.

That is what I am offering to you. When you hear yourself speak freely, you will likely discover that you have all the answers you need, within you. 

Details Here 

Offered by Julie Stuart through June 1st, 2020 with limited hours. 

Labyrinth Insight Sessions

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that combines the circle, which relates to wholeness, and the spiral, which represents journey and change, into a purposeful path.

Labyrinth proponents claim walking a labyrinth can lead to stress reduction, more presence, greater creativity, deeper relationships, a stronger sense of community, a feeling of being on a spiritual journey, a sense of inner reflection and connection to sources of guidance.

Details Here 

Note: All scheduled labyrinth sessions will conform with current social distancing requirements.

Equine Guided Discovery Retreat June 6th & 7th, 2020 – Currently on hold

Do you ever wonder… What is next? Would you like to experience more meaning or purpose? Or just take a path in a different direction? 

In this retreat we’ll use horses as our guide to: Let go of old stories; discover the infinite possibilities that reside in the present moment; and discover the answers you’ve been looking for.

Details Here 

Warrior Discovery Experience: May 31st, 2020  Currently on hold

Are you a Warrior who is struggling to connect with your spouse, children, or coworkers? Perhaps you find that you just can’t communicate what is going on inside you with your loved ones, family, and friends. 

Join us for this day-long program where we discover the source of our wellbeing, peace of mind, love and connection.

Details Here

Mother-Daughter Day Retreat with the Horses: May 30th, 2020 – Currently on hold

Mothers and Daughters: Are you looking for greater connection, to be better understood by each other, or maybe just a more easeful relationship?   

Join Equine-Guided Coaches, Stephanie Holdenried and Julie Stuart, for this day in which horses will be our guide to discovering new possibilities in your relationship.

Details Here    

Equine Guided Discovery Retreat October 26-27, 2019

Have you ever wondered… what is next?

I mean, maybe you are happy with your life or maybe you’re not. And you still wonder what is around the next corner. What will life be like when the earth takes the next turn around the sun?

Details Here

New Year Retreats

Are you ready to bring something new into the world? A new business, new relationship, new version of you?

We are offering special rates for anyone who schedules a private or couple’s retreat from January 1st – March 31st, 2020 at Oak Lea Ranch in Kelseyville.

Details Here

Accessing a Creative Mind for Business and Life! 

There seems to be this underlying belief and misunderstanding that you can actually control your thoughts and just positive think your way through life. But if that were true, wouldn’t you be free of shitty thinking all the time?

Details Here

Love’s got this

When I woke up this morning I could feel the heaviness and constriction of fear. But I did not want to feel fear.
I wanted to feel love.
I know that fear comes from my over active head.
Love is felt through the heart.
So as I lied in bed, I brought my attention to my heart.
It was so simple
It was almost silly.

I’m a Colossal Mess… So What!

Well, that was last night at least. And part of yesterday afternoon. Oh, and about 2 weeks ago too. Or was that last week? I am losing track of days here. Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t keep track of what day it is! I imagine I’m not.

Broken Bones & Swimming

The night before the surgery to repair my fractured femur my mind was anything but quiet.
I’m not sure why it surprised me, but the film that was playing in my head was a shitty re-run of the accident that put me there and I could feel my body and mind getting anxious. I needed to stay calm and focus on healing.

A Blessing

They have come gladly out of the willows To welcome my friend and me. We step over the barbed wire into the pasture Where they have been grazing all day, alone. They ripple tensely, they can hardly contain their happiness That we have come. They bow shyly as…

3 Days & 41 Horses Later

At 50 years old, as a business and life coach, and a growth and transformation junkie, I have had my share of transformational experiences. I have read more than my quota of self-help books, I have gone through years of therapy in my teens and early twenties…

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